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Indy Fate of Atlantis for Mac

by ktj last modified 2008-02-24 11:56
Copyright: LucasArts Entertainmaent Company


Micromouse was a company for import foreign games to Japan. The company got an right to import/translate LucasArts games. Micromouse translate/port several adventure/starwars games to Japanese Mac/DOS/Windows/PC-98x1 systems. Micromouse may be closed on 2006 or 2007.


Publisher: Micromouse
medium: 1 CD-ROM disk
original price: 9,800 yen
released at: 1995-1996
note: The porting may be much easier than that of FoA for DOS/V, because English version of the FoA for Mac also uses 640x480 screen.

Scanned/captured Images

I don't have the copy of the game, so I cannot acquire any images regarding this game.

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