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Answers to

by ktj posted at 2004-03-06 14:56 last modified 2009-10-15 22:50

to freddie and Psychic,

I don't have an account for posting thereto, so I will put some messages regarding to the FM TOWNS games.

Fm Towns Loom

The guy mentions The Dig too, so it might have been released for FM-Towns too... Maybe Full Throttle f.ex. then too?

The Dig have never released for FM TOWNS. The game had released for PC/AT with Japanese DOS or Windows95, Macintosh with Japanese or International system, and NEC PC98x1 with Windows 95. The novelization of the game have also translated and published in Japan. I have gotton the Dig for PC98x1 and pics thereof will be put in mysite.

As you mentioned, only Zak, Indy3&4, MI1&2 and Loom are released for FM TOWNS.

...and what makes that link find "disturbing" or at least collectably challenging; check this out:

The last screenshot is different from yours
Yours is an item pic.
So there is at least two variations of Zak FM-Towns.
Maybe the other 'Towns games have different versions too...

I didn't know the differences until your suggestion. Thanks.

Lucasarts Timeline FM Towns

I was taking a look at the Lucasarts timeline at and it seems they don't even know what systems their own games were released on

The three Towns games listed in the timeline are directly ported by Lucasfilm games. Otherwise, other Towns games are ported by another company. Therefore Lucasarts seem not to know Indy4 and MIs for TOWNS, I think.

今日の戦利品(Games and books that I've gotten today)

by ktj posted at 2004-04-03 22:26 last modified 2010-04-26 06:07

[an image relating to the diary]町田でオシゴト用のお買い物をしたついでに、写真の品物を購入。EA best版の「ウルティマコレクション日本語版」と「アセンション」については後日「Japanese Ultima List」に追加します。

他のものは「山下章のChallenge! Adventure Game(復刻版)」シリーズ4冊。マイコンBASICマガジンにかつて連載されていたアドベンチャーゲームのガイドだ。当時のゲーム事情を調査するに当たっては欠かせない一級の資料である。写真も豊富に掲載されているので、がんがん活用していきたい。

Today, I went to a PC store in Machida City in order to buy some computer devices to be used for my work. In that store, I found some games and books which I should buy. The items are shown in above-displayed picture.

The two copies of games are "Ultima Collection Japan Edition" and "Ultima IX Ascension Japanese Edition". They are "EA best Selection" Editions, and each copy is provided with a DVD-style box. The detailed information and images thereof will be described in my "Japanese Ultima List" pages.

The four books are "Akira Yamashita's Challenge! Adventure Game". The articles therein were originally appeared in "Micom BASIC Magazine" from 1983 to 1987. The articles had been once merged into four books, and they are reprinted last year. The books are very so impressive since the articles guide me Japanese 80's adventure games with a number of color pictures. The books will become good references for me when I'll write some articles about Japanese adventure games.

site update: SCUMM in Japan

by ktj posted at 2008-02-24 12:41 last modified 2010-06-03 20:27

Today my "SCUMM in Japan" site are completely ported from my old site. The ported pages can be browsed by selecting "adventure" navigation tab then selecting "SCUMM in Japan(English)".

Some "SCUMM in Japan" pages are updated. Such as:

  • Correcting minor errors
  • removing / correcting deadlinks
  • add publisher/distributor information
    • Micromouse may be closed
    • Funai Entertament Japan may also be closed.
    • Marvelous Interactive is merged with Marverous Entertainment and became a division thereof.
  • Finaly, images for Adventure Game Pack for Mac are added!

海外のルーカスアーツファンに日本のゲームを紹介するためのサイトとして、数年前にSCUMM in Japanというサイトを作ったのですが、今回、これもPloneサイトに移行しました。今までは英語のサイトからしかリンクしていなかったので、新しいページに見えますが、的すとそのものは3〜4年前に書いたものです。かなり更新をサボっていたのですが、結構前に手に入れたMac版のルーカスアーツ・アドベンチャーパックの写真をようやく追加することが出来ました。

アドベンチャーゲーム系コンテンツにリンクしてくれているサイト( Lucasarts Museum (英語)や Post Adventure (韓国語))には、ここをktjdragon.comドメインに移行したのちに連絡入れようかな、とは思っています。

・・・ LOOMのサウンドトラック なんて日本で出てたんだ。全然知らなかったよ。

KtJ on YouTube

by ktj posted at 2009-04-22 06:48 last modified 2011-02-20 08:08

I bought Thomson-Canopus Twinpact100 VGA-DV converter and started storing PC game movies. At first I captured Zak McKracken OP for FM TOWNS(English) and Zak McKracken OP for FM TOWNS(Japanese) .

The converter works well unless source video signal is unstable, but sadly, it does not support composite sync input. I have a Fujitsu FM77AV40EX old 8-bit computer. The display output thereof is 15kHz HSYNC and 60Hz VSYNC and I convert the signal into VGA via dempa XRGB2 converter. But XRGB may output composite VGA sync signal when the source(FM77AV40EX) has only composite sync.

So, in order to capture from FM77AV40EX, I have to convert FM77AV40EX output into S-Video signal (Twinpact100 supports NTSC/PAL vieo input). Yes, I have this type converter (dempa XAV-1) but re-connecting cable work will make me be tired because I am a lazy man.



カノープスTwinpact100という外付キャプチャを買ったので、ゲームの動画なんかをちまちまとアップしようと思う。とりあえず、Zak McKrackenのオープニングムービーを取ってみた。


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