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What the names 'FM' and 'TOWNS' comes from? (English)

by ktj last modified 2009-04-26 12:58

Many people who natively use European languages may have a question "Why the name of the computer is plural-form, although the name defines a single computer?". The reason will be described hereinafter.

In those days, Fujitsu provided a codename named after nobel-prized scientist for each PC products. The codename of the first model of FM TOWNS is "Townes", named after Charles Hard Townes (1964, phisics), an inventor of maser. The product name came from the codename, but the word "TOWNES" can be pronounced as Tau-Ness. Accordingly, to be pronounced as "Townz", the letter "e" was removed from the codename.

A word "FM" is an acronym from "Fujitsu Micro".

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