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Avatar Who's Who

by ktj last modified 2009-04-21 06:58

In the world of Ultima VI, VII, Serpent Isle, Ultima VIII, Underworlds, the Savage Empire, and Martian Dreams, there're so many faces of Avatars. Are they nice or aweful? Do they resemble you? You wanna role-play them? :-) Okay they're sample portraits.

note : Some pictures are tensioned 20% vertically for monitors with 1x1 aspect ratio. (Because aspect ratio of monitor is 4x3 and resolution of VGA is 320x200 pixels.)

Ultima VI


[avatar_u6_m1_gif] [avatar_u6_m2_gif] [avatar_u6_m3_gif] [avatar_u6_m4_gif] [avatar_u6_m5_gif] [avatar_u6_m6_gif]


[avatar_u6_f1_gif] [avatar_u6_f2_gif] [avatar_u6_f3_gif] [avatar_u6_f4_gif] [avatar_u6_f5_gif] [avatar_u6_f6_gif]

UltimaVI has 6 faces for each gender. Hmmm.. Japanese Kabuto on a female avatar? It's funny.

Ultima VII





There'is only one face for each gender. Too little! And I have a question.... Where the avatars comes from? At least they weren't seen in Ultima VI... :-)

Ultima VII part 2


[avatar_si_m1_png] [avatar_si_m2_png] [avatar_si_m3_png]


[avatar_si_f1_png] [avatar_si_f2_png] [avatar_si_f3_png]

Wow! Four other avatars enter the world!!

Ultima VIII


Oh no! they're all vanished! And the face is for him, or her ? :-)

Ultima Underworld


[avatar_uw1_m1_gif] [avatar_uw1_m2_gif] [avatar_uw1_m3_gif] [avatar_uw1_m4_gif] [avatar_uw1_m5_gif]


[avatar_uw1_f1_gif] [avatar_uw1_f2_gif] [avatar_uw1_f3_gif] [avatar_uw1_f4_gif] [avatar_uw1_f5_gif]

Hmmm... they've been in the ground too long. They looks unhappy.

Ultima Underworld II


[avatar_uw2_m1_gif] [avatar_uw2_m2_gif] [avatar_uw2_m3_gif] [avatar_uw2_m4_gif] [avatar_uw2_m5_gif]


[avatar_uw2_f1_gif] [avatar_uw2_f2_gif] [avatar_uw2_f3_gif] [avatar_uw2_f4_gif] [avatar_uw2_f5_gif]

They're the same people from Underworld. It's too bad for health to live in underground. Their faces are thin.

The Savage Empire


The avatar of The Savage Empire comes from Ultima VI.

Martian Dreams





They also comes from Ultima VI. Well, his neck has been thin.

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