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Combo Packages

by ktj last modified 2008-02-17 16:43

Fujitsu version

Ultima Trilogy

[Box of Ultima trilogy for FM-TOWNS]

platform : FM-TOWNS
original price : ¥12,800
media : CD
trinket : paper maps
released at : 1990
note : It contains Lord British's message in CD-audio track. (converted to mp3 file)
Looks & feels seem to be redesigned. English/Japanese available.
images : rear and side of box
Message from Lord British
Operation Manual

EA square / Locus version

Ultima Collection Japan Edition

[Box of Ultima Collection Japan Edition]

platform : Windows9x
original price : ¥8,800
media : CD
trinket : Only the first edition contains 9 trading cards that each package-art(US version) is printed.
released at : Feb. 24, 2000
note : It contains disk-images of Japanese version Ultima I-VI(once released) and a emulator, English Ultima VII and Serpent Isle, and Japanese Ultima VIII. Ultima VIII requires Japanese DOS(or Windows) for installing. After installing it can runs under English DOS.
images : back of box

Ultima Complete

[Box of Ultima Collection Japan Edition]

platform : Windows9x, XP
original price : openprice
media : 4 CDs (an Ultima Collection Japan Edition CD, a UO CD, and 2 Ascension CDs)
trinket : a trading card(front view, rear view, paper case) from "Ultima Generation",
a special citizenship paper,
2 paper maps, one is for Ascension and another is for UO,
a serpent coin (front, rear)
an advertisement leaflet for Ultima Generation.
released at : Mar. , 2002
note : It is a special combo package that contains Ultima Collection Japan Edition, Ultima Online Lord Blackthorn's Revenge, and Ascension Japanese edition (some critical bugs are fixed)
images : back of box
CD-ROM #1, #2, #3, #4

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