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Ultima IV

by ktj last modified 2008-02-17 16:44

Ponycanyon version

Ultima : Seija e no michi(road to saint)

[Box of Ultima IV for Nintendo]

platform : Family Computer(NES)
original price : ¥5,900
media : ROM cartridge
released at : Sep. 20, 1989
images : rear of the box
Front and back cover of manual

Ultima IV -Quest of Avatar

[Box of Ponycanyon UltimaIV]

platform : PC-8801,PC-88VA,FM-7,X1,X68000,PC-9801,MSX2
price : ¥11,800
media : 5 1/4'' or 3 1/2'' FD
released at : Dec., 1987
trinket : cloth map, a metal ankh
images : rear and side of box
Operation Manual
The History of Britannia
The Book of Mystic Wisdom

Fujitsu version

Ultima IV -Quest of Avatar : Avatar no Tankyu(Exploring toward Avatar)

[Box of  UltimaIV for FM-TOWNS(25kB)]

platform : FM-TOWNS
original price : ¥9,800
media : CD
released at : 1992
trinket : paper map
note : English/Japanese available
images : rear and side of box
player reference card
The History of Britannia
The Book of Mystic Wisdom

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