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Ultima soundtracks

by ktj last modified 2008-02-17 16:44

Peacock Dragon says—
In 1987, CANYON RECORD(Today, they are known as Ponycanyon) produced Soundtrack of Ultima:EXODUS(for family computer=NES).
And Peacock Dragon sent me the pictures of this CD. Thanks a lot!

Ultima Mix

[front of CD case]

publisher : CANYON RECORDS Inc.
released at : 1987
price : 3200 yens(CD),2800 yens(LP,casette)
staff : Sound Producer (Composer) :Tsugutoshi Gotoh
Manipulater: Takeshi Fujii, Itaru Sakoda
Remix Engineer:Masayoshi Ohkawa


  1. Chika Meikyu— Dungeon— (Dungeon)
  2. Yuushatachi no Tabi (Heroes are on a Journey)
  3. Ambrosia no Nazo (the Secret of Ambrosia)
  4. Michi heno Koukai (Voyage to Unknown Place)
  5. >Heart no Jishaku (the Compass in my heart)
  6. Kyoufu no Exodus (Fearsome Exodus)
  7. Yasuragi no Machi (Gentle Town)
  8. Seinaru Tatakai (Jihad)
  9. Eien no Shiro Britannia (the Everlasting Castle of lord British)
  10. Haja no Kikan (Return of the Winner)
  11. Ultima —Hitomi no Knife— (Ultima —Sharp Eye Looks Like Knives—)

Ultima ~Hitomi no Knife/Heart no Jishaku

[Cover of Hitomi no Knife]

publisher : CANYON RECORDS Inc.
released at : 1987
original price : 1000 yens(EP),700 yens(casette)
singer : Noriko Hidaka

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