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Lord British congratulated Peacock Dragon's wedding! (日本語)

by ktj last modified 2008-02-17 16:42

去る1999年10月2日、Ultiama Ring Japanの代表であるPeacock Dragonこと孔雀氏の結婚式が某所で取り行われました。日本を代表するウルティマファンとして著名な同氏のもとに、なんとUltimaの作者、Lord BritishことRichard Garriott氏よりお祝いのメッセージが送られました。今回Peacock Dragon氏の許可を得てここにメッセージの全文を転載いたします。なお、本メッセージの転載は固くお断り申し上げます。


Well met!

I well remember our meeting in Tokyo. As the banner that you and the other gave to me hangs near me here, I notice your signature of loyalty to Britannia is the first on list.

I am pleased to hear of the wondrous occasion ahead of you. Finding a person with whom you wish to spend all your days and nights,is difficult and thus amazing when it actually happens. The bond you share will help you both in the trials of life. Each of you will be stronger for the strength you give each other. I give you both the blessings of happiness and good fortune, in the new life you start together.

--- Lord British --- Sovereign of Britannia
---Richard Garriott --- Creator of the Ultima Series

和訳(翻訳:KtJ Dragon)





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